The evolution of your soul begins with the heart.

Opening your heart to pain also means opening your heart to love. Softening your grip on life requires letting go. We alone can’t control every detail of our lives. If we could control everything our lives would be empty. A bottomless pit of selfish desire.

Ask yourself this question “does what you are doing benefit others”? If you answered “yes” now you must come up with the “why, how and whom”. Once you receive the answers you can start unpacking your own baggage. Why does what you do for others matter to you?

Now you know the motivations of your heart. Truth is usually not what it appears to be. We have to open our eyes to it, and let it shape us into the person we need to be. This is the journey to the soul, the core of who we are. The fluff, personas, and comforts are gone. From this view we see things as they really are. Life is fluid, constantly moving in/out of our control.

We must embrace the imperfections, the pain, and the love. Nothing is without the other. Everything in life is connected by energy. It flows through and around us in continuous movement. If we don’t know how to direct the energy of our heart source it can become toxic, much like a disease.

We become depressed, angry, fearful, resentful, and closed off. This manifest in our lives as relationship problems, work problems, eating disorders, and stress induced medical conditions.

Life energy or chi can also be used to achieve a healthier lifestyle that is more conducive of happiness, a sense of well-being, peace, and joy. The choice is yours.

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